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Land Area (Sq. Miles)
State Bird
Alabama 52,423 We Dare To Defend Our Rights Northern Flicker (Yellowhammer)
Alaska 656,424 Biggest State, Biggest Hopes Willow Ptarmigan
Arizona 114,006 God Enriches Cactus Wren
Arkansas 53,182 The People Rule Northern Mockingbird
California 163,707 I Have Found It California Quail
Colorado 104,100 Nothing Without Province Lark Bunting
Connecticut 5,544 He Who Transplanted Sustains American Robin
Delaware 2,489 Liberty And Independence Delaware Blue Hen
Florida 59,988 In God We Trust Northern Mockingbird
Georgia 59,441 Wisdom, Justice And Moderation Brown Thrasher
Hawaii 6,459 The Life Of The Land Is Perpetuated In Righteousness Hawaiian Goose
Idaho 83,574 Let It Be Perpetual Mountain Bluebird
Illinois 57,918 State Sovereignty, National Union Northern Cardinal
Indiana 36,420 The Crossroads of America Northern Cardinal
Iowa 56,276 Our Liberties We Prize And Our Rights We Will Maintain Eastern Goldfinch
Kansas 82,282 To The Stars Through Adversity Western Meadowlark
Kentucky 40,411 Let Us Give Thanks To God Northern Cardinal
Louisiana 51,843 Union, Justice, And Confidence Brown Pelican
Maine 35,387 I Direct Black-capped Chickadee
Maryland 12,407 Many Deeds, Womanly Words Baltimore Oriole
Massachusetts 10,555 By The Sword We Seek Peace, But Peace Only Under Liberty Black-capped Chickadee
Michigan 96,810 If You Seek A Pleasant Pennisula, Look About You American Robin
Minnesota 86,943 I Long To See What Is Beyond Common Loon
Mississippi 48,434 By Valor and Arms Northern Mockingbird
Missouri 69,709 The Welfare Of The People Is The Highest Law Eastern Bluebird
Montana 147,046 Gold And Silver Western Meadowlark
Nebraska 77,358 Equality Before The Law Western Meadowlark
Nevada 110,567 All For Our Country Mountain Bluebird
New Hampshire 9,351 Live Free Or Die Purple Finch
New Jersey 8,722 Liberty And Prosperity Eastern Goldfinch
New Mexico 121,598 It Grows As It Grows Roadrunner
New York 54,475 Ever Upward Eastern Bluebird
North Carolina 52,672 To Be, Rather Than To Seem Northern Cardinal
North Dakota 70,704 Strength From The Soil Western Meadowlark
Ohio 44,828 With God All things Are Possible Northern Cardinal
Oklahoma 69,903 Hard Work Conquers All Things Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Oregon 98,366 She Flies With Her Own Wings Western Meadowlark
Pennsylvania 46,058 Virtue, Liberty And Independence Ruffed Grouse
Rhode Island 1,545 Hope Rhode Island Red
South Carolina 32,007 While I Breathe I Hope Carolina Wren
South Dakota 77,121 Under God The People Rule Ring-necked Pheasant
Tennessee 42,146 Agriculture And Commerce Northern Mockingbird
Texas 268,601 Friendship Northern Mockingbird
Utah 84,904 Industry California Gull
Vermont 9,615 May The 14th Star Shine Bright Hermit Thrush
Virginia 42,769 Thus Always To Tyrants Northern Cardinal
Washington 71,303 By And By Willow Goldfinch
Washington DC 68 Justice For All Wood Thrush
West Virginia 24,231 Mountaineers Are Always Free Northern Cardinal
Wisconsin 65,503 Forward American Robin
Wyoming 97,818 Equal Rights Western Meadowlark